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About #HertsHour

This website supports and promotes the official #HertsHour conversation over on twitter.
Join us LIVE every Mondays 8-9pm (excluding bank holidays) with Dawn-Louise (DLK), Sarah (SB) and Lucy (LH) from @sm2communicate.
Continue to use the hashtag #HertsHour during the week to promote or find business services across Hertfordshire.
We love to talk and connect businesses together!

  • #HertsHour sees a new owner

    In 2015, Dawn-Louise Kerr and her team from SM2COMMUNICATE took over running the twitter hour each week (The hashtag was originally set up by a local archery business around the year 2000). Before 2015 there was a twitter following of just shy of 2000. Now you can see how much we have grown the following and the conversations almost up to 10,000 engaged followers on twitter alone. 
    Every Monday night join us between 8-9pm GMT on twitter. Around 2,000+ local businesses promote offers, find and connect with other business that they have been searching for their services, and finally there is a good old banter around what they're doing in and around Hertfordshire. 

  • #HertsHour has a visual identity

    Later in 2015 it was decided to give the much loved #HertsHour a visual brand identity in order to promote its services and support its growth. #HertsHour was turned from a one hour a week conversation into an invaluable business service, connecting and promoting local businesses.

  • #HertsHour Networking Group Launched

    Building on the success of its weekly twitter conversation, the #HertsHour team decided to build a Networking Group and invite people to register for just £10 + VAT a month (minimum term of 6 months).
    It's a great introduction to online advertising with an entry pricepoint to match. The benefit of advertising with us is that we are an established brand and are regularily talking online with people. As #HertsHour is owned by a social media agency you can guarantee the online networking and promotions happen naturally.
    If you are interested in advertising with us please email us info@hertshour.co.uk

  • Christmas Tweet-Up's

    We introduced #HertsHour tweet-ups after many requests from the online conversations each week. People wanted to meet the other businesses behind the twitter handles that they talked to on a regular basis. We have had two successful tweet-ups now just before Christmas time over the last two years and we are planning our next one for 2017. We hope you can join us.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Talk to us today

Every Monday 8-9pm on twitter (Excluding Bank Holidays and Two weeks over Christmas)

It’s easy to take part in #HertsHour.

  • Log in to Twitter at 8pm on Monday
  • Tweet using the hash tag #HertsHour
  • Others will reply and you start to engage in conversations
  • Tweet images for more impact and we’ll also post those on our Facebook account
  • We will re-tweet your messages and involve you in conversations
  • Search the trend #HertsHour to see what others are talking about
  • Find new followers and follow businesses for productive collaboration

The more you get involved, the greater the benefit to your business. You can reach new audiences and connect with people you may not have talked to in your traditional marketing campaigns. We look forward to speaking on Monday - just remember to use the hashtag #HertsHour

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